18008437200(Client Grievance Redressal Toll-free Number)
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18008437200(Client Grievance Redressal Toll-free Number)
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Overview & Objective


Annapurna Microfinance Pvt. Ltd (AMPL), one of the fast growing NBFC-MFI in the country, has its roots in the early 1990s doing various developmental activities as a not-for-profit entity registered as Peoples Forum. The microfinance activities started with the evolution of Mission Annapurna under Peoples Forum from the year 2005. Mission Annapurna was able to reach the interior hinterlands of Odisha through its untiring effort of addressing the economic necessities of poor women at their doorstep. As the program grew large by size and area of operation, there was an utter need to transform itself into a more regularized entity. The gradual transformation from Mission Annapurna bring forth the name Annapurna Microfinance Pvt Ltd (AMPL) to the sector in the year 2009. Thereafter, AMPL registered itself with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as an NBFC-MFI in the year 2013.

All through the organizational building process, Annapurna has followed two basic principles: Innovate & Replicate. Annapurna, over the years, has continued to innovate in its products and delivery mechanisms, to make the whole process of micro-credit delivery as effective as possible. That innovation is then replicated to its new operational areas with the same energy and enthusiasm. Over the years this principle has helped Annapurna to establish itself as one of the leading MFIs in India.

Annapurna was established with a purpose of serving the economically backward clients by bringing them to mainstream, providing need based financial services at their doorstep. The focus has been clear, to reach the areas where formal financial institutions find it unprofitable to settle in. Its objectives have not only limited to just reach and serve but also by providing financial and technical support to strengthen entrepreneurial skill for effective and efficient undertaking of business activities.


  • To form and promote Self Help Groups of the Poor, Women, Needy, Oppressed, and to attain improvement in their socio-economic condition through economic activities.
  • To give priority to women and to involve them directly in production activities so that the opportunities are created for additional income.
  • To provide technical assistance so that the poor become self sufficient by accumulating and creating their own capital through savings from increased income.
  • To provide financial assistance for economic empowerment.

Social Objective

  • To provide micro loans to those household which are identified as family Below Poverty Line.
  • To cater microfinance service for special category of individual i.e. Widow, transgender and Persons with Disability etc.
  • To provide financial assistance to Schedule Castes, Schedule Tribes and to other minority classes.
  • To provide micro loan for health & sanitation purpose for the betterment of their social life.

Environmental Objectives

  • To minimize the environmental impact of our lending
  • To make constant efforts to improve internal standards of environment management and reduce carbon footprint.
  • To provide sustainable, green products through appropriate product design.





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