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Success Stories

Case Study of
Aintha Behera

Aintha Behera, a housewife in her mid 40s lives in the Machhipara village of Nayagarh District. She is into milk processing since the last twenty years but was unhappy with the marginal income that she earned from the collected milk. With a family of seven members among which four were daughters and one son, it was very difficult for her to save for her daughters’ marriages as well as sustain her family.

Aintha Behera

But in the last five years’ things have changed since she joined Maa Mangala SHG. The SHG heard about Annapurna Microfinance Pvt. Ltd (AMPL) from a nearby village and came to know about its various loan products. The group soon applied for a 1st Cycle loan of INR 12, 000 to each member. With that money she bought a Cross-breed cow which was giving around 10-12 liters of Milk everyday which meant that the family was now earning around INR 200-250 additional income daily. The income was now supporting her to incur her daily expenses, repay the nominal EMI which was for 18 months and also save some amount for her emergencies. Although she faced a period of reduced income when the cow was inseminated, her Milk processing business kept things running during the crisis.

After successfully repaying her first cycle loan, she has now borrowed INR 20, 000 from AMPL from which she bought another cow with a calf. Now she has doubled her income with two cows and three calves’ out of which two are heifers. In the next two years she plans to save money to buy more cows and after repayment of the second cycle loan she plans to borrow money for building a bigger shed where she could accommodate seven to eight cows.

She says, “I am very optimistic about this milk processing business now and want to see my son lead a prosperous life as all my daughters now are well settled with their families.”





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