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Success Stories

Case Study of
Arti Pati

Arti Pati is 55 years old and lives with her husband and two children in a small village called Daisapatna in Khurda district of Odisha. She does Mushroom cultivation and sells it in the market. Her husband is a farmer and helps Arti in selling mushrooms as well.

Arti Pati

Arti had planned to buy standard quality seeds, fertilizers and pesticides for producing mushroom on a larger scale and increase her net income. Since she is an active member of Lakheswari SHG under AMPL’s Balipatna branch, Arti along with her group members got a loan from Annapurna to invest in their business activities. Arti used her portion (Rs. 13,000) to purchase standard quality seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides for Mushroom cultivation.

Now Arti is very happy with her growing business and plans to construct a house for her family. She is making a profit of 5,000 INR to 6,000 INR per month which is much better than what she was making before getting the loan. She says “Now I can make a house for my family and can save some money for the future”.

All members of the Lakhesweri Self-Help Group are involved in different activities such as betel leaf cultivation, milk selling, paddy and vegetable cultivation, etc. These hardworking women have a willingness to learn new business trends. They all help and support each other. Whatever they are earning from their businesses is used for their monthly household expenses. She says, on behalf of the group members, “Thank you, AMPL, for providing this opportunity to us!”





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