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18008437200(Client Grievance Redressal Toll-free Number)
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Success Stories

Case Study of
Binapani Ojha

Binapani Ojha is associated with the Kalyani SHG of Annapurna since 2008. Her husband is a carpenter and works out of their home to make different kinds of wooden furniture. She and her family of 5 have gone through ups and downs during the last 8 years. Sometimes there will be stock of finished furniture but they were not able to sell them due to ignorance and market knowledge, as she reciprocates.

Binapani Ojha

By associating with the group she came to know about productive use of household resources, how to sell your products, she was able to know about various small business activities from many of her fellow members in the village, besides the financial education that she got from the trainings of Annapurna.

Over the years, she has gradually taken some bold steps like that of purchasing high breed cow and supporting her husband by buying the raw materials for the furniture making. As she proudly says, time has changed so as her ambition to do something on her own, so that their daughter gets better education, which is now her foremost wish. She is into the 4th cycle of the SHG loan and taken INR 40,000 to buy a cow. Currently, people are giving orders to make their furniture and coming to their home to get their orders as well. She is thankful towards the well-timed support from AMPL.





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Mansa Sangrur Gidderbaha

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