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Success Stories

Case Study of
Fatima Bibi

Fatima Bibi is a 55 years old woman. She lives with her husband and four children in a small village called Mukundadaspur in Khurda district of Odisha. She has three years of experience in tailoring, and stitches ladies’ clothes like blouses, frocks, uniforms of school girls, suits (traditional dress in Odisha), etc.

Fatima Bibi

Two years ago Fatima Bibi was making a profit of INR 2,000 per month through tailoring business. The money was insufficient to fulfill her family’s monthly expenses so she wanted to help her husband by sharing the expenditure of the family. She wanted to develop her business and save some money for family’s future. She took orders from the village people for making dresses and charged them for tailoring. Still sufficient profit could not be generated. She wanted to make dresses for children and girls using her own materials that could be sold at festivals. However, there were financial problems and she was unable to invest money into her tailoring business. Therefore, she decided to take loan from any financial institution and invest into her business. After that she joined a self-help group called Jahara Mahila Samiti and got a loan of INR 15,000 Annapurna Micro-Finance, Balipatna Branch. She was able to purchase new sewing machine, cloth, ribbons, buttons, etc. in bulk and through that she makes dresses and earn a healthy living.

Currently Fatima Bibi is making a profit of INR 5,000 per month from the business and is able to save some amount for her future as well. She says “I am very thankful to AMPL whose small loan has changed my life”.





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