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Success Stories

Case Study of
Kanakalata Gochhayat

Kanakalata Gochhayat lives in the Jhinti Melaka village, which comes under the Balipatna branch of Annapurna. She along with her fellow members of Sri Basudev SHG have formed the association long back in 2004. As she was describing about the benefits of their association, they were able to learn how to cultivate mushroom and poultry farming as well.

Kanakalata Gochhayat

Because of the handholding support from Annapurna, they realized how important it is to develop the habit of savings in their group. And all of the women in the group unanimously agreed to contribute on a monthly basis, so that the accumulated funds can help out someone in emergency situations. Moreover, as she happily says, the internal savings have significantly helped each one of the members in doing some kind of small economic activities. Kanakalata, with full of energy describes how she is able to manage her household work, poultry farming and a small grocery store.

She has taken her 2nd loan of INR 25,000 from Annapurna. The loans from Annapurna has helped her bring in more varieties of items to the shop and the monthly profit has gone upto INR 6000-7000 per month from INR 2000-3000 per month earlier. Over the last 12 years their household economic condition is invariably changed as she describes. She, along with her husband who is a farmer and two sons working in different companies in Bhubaneswar have all able to contribute for household expenses out of individual income. She is quite happy with the financial as well as non-financial support from Annapurna that she has received over the years and she will continue to remain associated with the group as well as with Annapurna in the future.





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