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Case Study of
Loanka Laloo

Loanka Laloo

Loanka Laloo was a resident of Mawngap village, Shillong, Meghalaya, where she lived along with her husband and two children.

She owned a small piece of land of less than an acre, which wasn’t enough to serve her family’s expenses, making it unmanageable for them to make a living out of it. In order to accommodate with the situation, Loanka, along with her husband had to work on leased farms as agricultural labourers.

When Loanka came to know about the loan offered by Annapurna Microfinance, she thought of starting her own business and put an end to their hand to mouth state. Taking into concern her financial constraints and insufficient land possession, availing a loan for agricultural farming or grocery store wasn’t promising. Therefore, she decided to start pig farming, realizing its untapped market opportunities and the demand for pig meat in the bordering states. Most of the ethnic groups in the North-Eastern states have always kept pigs, as they preferred Pork meat for consumption.

She took a loan of INR 20,000 from Annapurna; and with this amount she bought the indigenous pig breed, a boar and a sow; and their fodder. Indigenous pigs are adaptable to local feed resources, therefore, the capital investment incurred was mostly for building the infrastructure and for purchasing the pigs.

The pigs have a higher feed conversion ratio, that is, they convert even inedible feeds into valuable and nutritious meat and the sows breed as early as 8-9 months, farrowing twice a year producing 6-12 piglets during each farrowing. Thus, the return on investment on pig farming was certainly quick.

Along with selling the meat of pigs, she also uses their litter as a farming manure in her field.

Loanka’s economic condition has significantly improved by the intervention of Annapurna. She seized the market opportunities and made most of what was available with her. Today, she talks about her association with the company for her future investments to scale up her business.





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