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18008437200(Client Grievance Redressal Toll-free Number)
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Case Study of
Maa Santoshi SHG

Maa Santoshi SHG

Maa Santoshi Self Help Group is one of the dynamic groups of Balipatna region of Odisha. The group currently has seven members who have had a long association with Annapurna as they are currently in their 3rd loan cycle from the company.

Initially the members took INR 15,000 each to start the group activity.

During the tenure of the loan they came to know about supporting the packing activities for snack & sweets stores. They started organising themselves and engaged each other in doing the activity. Gradually they started witnessing increase in their return on investment and subsequently took the 2nd loan of INR 25000 each.

With this money, they bought more raw materials and started taking orders from local vendors. They even started making packages for local ice-cream vendors.

With their group activity scaled up and they applied for INR 35000 in their third cycle from Annapurna. The group has now connections with local and city vendors, and they have plans of expanding their business by increasing their production further.

Maa Santoshi Group is an example of what women can do, when they are assigned the roles of leadership!





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