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18008437200(Client Grievance Redressal Toll-free Number)
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Success Stories

Case Study of
Madhusmita Das

Madhusmita Das, a young and smart woman of Odanga block had a great interest for embroidery designs and learnt it from her mother since she was in school. She had an early marriage when she was 17 years old and now after being left by her husband, has returned to her mother’s place. Then and there she decided to pursue her interest as a profession and started making Chandu Arts design in clothes for Sofa sets, Tea-tables, beds etc.

Madhusmita Das

Since she required money to buy clothes and threads, she decided to join the SHG as she was now eligible to borrow (i.e. 18 years old and married.) She borrowed Rs. 15,000 from AMPL and used the entire amount to purchase raw materials. She makes around 20-25 pieces of cloth every month as she also has to take care of other household commitments. She sells her hand-made clothes for an average price of INR 250-300 each. She also participates in trade fairs and exhibitions around Orissa and receives orders on special occasions as well.

She plans to do it on a bigger scale in coming years and is training local girls in the Art in order to employ them and increase her own income in the process and revive the Chandu arts.





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Mansa Sangrur Gidderbaha

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