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Case Study of
Moyari SHG

Moyari SHG

The Jaji village of Assam is an archaic village, inhabited since time immemorial. The natives of the village have been associated with handloom enterprises. In that village is a group of women who formed an SHG, named, Moyari SHG and availed a loan from Annapurna for handloom weaving. Handloom weaving is a way of life and intensely linked with Assamese Culture and Heritage. Handloom Industry of Assam is known for its rich tradition of making handloom and handicraft products. It also plays a very important role in the socio-economic development of the State.

The women of Moyari SHG borrowed INR 20000 each for a tenure of 18 months from the company to set up their enterprise. From the loan amount, they purchased weaving machinery and raw materials, like the Muga yarn, which is one of the rarest silks found. They weave shawls, sarees, handicrafts and other handloom products.

Apart from the financial assistance, Moyari SHG was also benefitted by the Financial Literacy Training Programs and other related assistance provided by Annapurna, which gave them an edge at better bargaining and marketing of their products. They intent to sell their products at the SARAS exhibition and other trade fairs this year.

The benefits of being associated with Annapurna has obligated Moyari SHG to look for longer association with the company. With constant savings and regular repayment of monthly instalments, the SHG seeks more assistance from the company so as to become a cluster in the coming years.





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