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Success Stories

Case Study of
Mr. Manas Ranjan Pattanaik

I began my career at Annapurna in the year 2006, when I was given the opportunity of being a Manager. I continued to perform better and as a result got promotion, and was handed the Risk and Audit Department in the year 2009. It was the time when Andhra Pradesh crisis took place.

Mr. Manas Ranjan Pattanaik

It was a challenging time observed in the history of microfinance and its tremors were felt at all levels in the MFI Industry. At the time, I was in Odisha when I motivated the employees to remain in the company and convinced them that this situation can be conquered, as I was told by my seniors. We were positive about our work in the field and overcame that period with a hope to serve more and more poor women, and subsequently the company grew by size and area in the years to come. Ever since then, it has been growing tremendously.

The company started it business correspondence in the year 2013 and I was made its Head to streamline its operations. In the year 2015, Annapurna began with its geographical expansion by intervening in other states, and I was made Chief Manager at that time. We started with the expansion in other states in the year 2015, when I was made the Zonal Manager of Madhya Pradesh.

Today, I can say that I have contributed to the success of the company and it has been vice versa. I want to take this company to cross 5000 crore portfolio base and would stay motivated to achieve that target.

I am forever grateful to all the seniors at Annapurna who have given me this opportunity to start walking on this ladder of success, and also wish to all my staff for cooperating and making the environment at Annapurna conducive for new talents and ideas to reach the zenith of microfinance industry.





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Mansa Sangrur Gidderbaha

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