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Case Study of
Saraju Nayak

Saraju Nayak is 50 year old woman who lives in Balugaon district of Odisha. She became a part of Annapurna’s Jai Guru SHG a decade ago and is presently in the 5th cycle loan. She started a small business of cane furniture making along with her husband back in year 1995. Basketry & Furniture made from Bamboo owe their origins to ancient times.

Saraju Nayak

This craft has a huge market potential because of its varied applications such as containers, furniture, desk accessories & various decorative items. But along with a wide scope, the business also requires capital investment on a regular basis.

As she reiterates, Annapurna’s timely support over the years has been beneficial in purchasing raw materials and covering labour costs for the cane furniture making activity. With more raw materials, her family was able to increase the production and earned better returns by selling them in the market. Some customers also visit their house to purchase the well-crafted furniture. After repaying her last loan on time, she has now taken for a loan of INR40000 and proficiently manages the business along with her husband and her son. Her son helps in sourcing raw materials and taking the responsibilities of selling the finished product as well. She is quite happy with their current financial condition, as out of their household crafts and credit support she was able to educate her children as well as build a pucca house from the revenue generated. Her husband ably supports her in making the furniture as well as in the marketing of the products.She has big plans in the future to multiply the business income from the furniture making.





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